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Growth is a Zen Style plant growing game with CrossBreeding/BioGenetic Aspects. Grow flowers, cactus, and other various species of plants, and cross breed them to develop amazing, rare, hybrids. Sell your hybrid seeds to other players, or trade them with one another. 

This Game is in a very very early Alpha/Prototyping Stage.I suggest downloading and playing the game through the app as it makes it easier for updates. I ask that if you play it, bear with me as I am working on it as much as possible. Any Ideas or thoughts are very welcome, and i will do my best to push at least one update a day. 

Thanks for any support! -CyStash-

Install instructions

Simply download the game and launch it from Itch. Be sure to check the game's page everyday and check for updates. 


flower-game-win.zip 29 MB
Version 5 Dec 11, 2017

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